IMPORTANT: End-of-life

Yallet is end-of-life and is not supported anymore. Please transfer your funds to a secure wallet like a Ledger.

How to migrate from iOS Yallet (iPhone).

  1. Download and open this Web tool (Right click on the link + Save as).
  2. Enter your 12 words seed:

  3. Copy / Paste the 10 first private keys in a text file.

Advanced users: You can alternatively use this Python script.

Migrate from Android Yallet.

Use your seed words in any BIP44 compliant wallet (such as Electrum).

Import private keys in Electrum.

  1. Download and install Electrum for PC / Mac.
  2. Click "New/Restore" on the top menu.

  3. Import your private keys.

  4. Copy/paste each private keys on a new line.

  5. Enter a password to protect your funds.
  6. Now you can spend your bitcoins as you wish.